Black Ocean Girls

Count­less days are pass­ing by
snow white girls rot in day­light
when will their corpses rise again
tonight, tonight, tonight

pale fires on their tongues
radi­ant colours make them look like candy
never ever get to close
they lie, they lie, they lie

you don’t want to know
they hurt them­selves
so badly
and what they once were
is for­ever lost
their inner oceans
turned black

count­less nights are pass­ing by
they despise all tomor­rows
in the void they shine like stars
so bright, so bright, so bright

what would their moth­ers feel
if they could see their dark ways
and all the oth­ers who feed on them
again and again and again

they don’t want to know
all the love they gave
for noth­ing
and what they once knew
is for­ever lost
like tears
in the rain